Update: Pfizer Opposes Lipitor MDL

Last month we told you that a group of Plaintiffs had filed a motion to consolidate all federal Lipitor diabetes lawsuits before one South Carolina judge as part of a Multi-District Litigation or MDL.  To date, at least five different Lipitor lawsuits have been filed against Pfizer in three different U.S. District Courts throughout the country. The motion indicates that numerous additional complaints are expected.

lipitorNot surprising, Pfizer has indicated that they are opposed to the formation of coordinated proceedings involving Lipitor, arguing that the litigation is not sufficient big enough to require the consolidated proceedings and that such a procedure would only result in a wave of lawsuits filed by lawyers who may not otherwise be willing to litigate claims.

Lipitor has been linked to diabetes. Lipitor prevents an enzyme in the liver from creating low density lipids (LDLs).  The drug works to prevent the production of LDLs, a type of cholesterol that blocks arteries, and reduce the user’s risk of developing heart disease. Lipitor, which generates more than $14.5 billion in combined annual sales, is among the best selling drugs in the world.

This would not be the first Lipitor MDL. U.S. District Judge Peter Sheridan presides over an MDL in New Jersey. In that case,  plaintiffs’ lawyers allege Pfizer improperly extended its patent rights on the anticholesterol drug Lipitor and then when the rights were expiring,  conspired with the a generic drug manufacturer Ranbaxy to block the generic version of the drug.  This lawsuit is a totally different animal but there is a common thread to both cases: allegations that Pfizer is greedy.

The U.S. JPML is expected to schedule oral arguments over the motion to consolidate the Lipitor diabetes litigation for an upcoming hearing session, scheduled for July 25, 2013.

We will continue to give you the latest updates in the Lipitor cases.  Bookmark this page.

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One thought on “Update: Pfizer Opposes Lipitor MDL

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