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Bayer Faces Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit

The U.S. subsidiary of Bayer AG, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals is facing a “$100 million” class action lawsuit from six class representative plaintiffs alleging illegal gender discrimination.

This lawsuit against Bayer claims that Bayer discriminates in pay, promotions, and the treatment of pregnant women. Bayer allegedly – and I find this hard to believe – published and distributed articles hinting that men are better suited to be managers than women.
Plaintiffs’ lawyer said:

Bayer engages in systemic discrimination against its female employees – particularly those with family responsibilities – by paying them less than their counterparts, denying them promotions into better and higher paying positions, limiting their employment opportunities to lower and less desirable job classifications, and exposing them to different treatment and a hostile work environment. To make matters worse, Bayer is often blatant about its disregard for its female employees.

I have no idea if there is any merit to this and I doubt anyone outside of the Bayer circle really knows.

Bayer was also bizarrely in the news earlier this month when a plaintiffs’ lawyer in the Yaz/Yasmin lawsuits started beating up a Bayer corporate witness over Bayer’s role in the Holocaust, starting the deposition by talking about the Holocaust. Why the Holocaust is relevant to the Yaz lawsuits is beyond me. Personally, I think attacking Bayer about the Holocaust deflects historical blame from the real bad guys: the people who participated in the atrocities.