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Cardiomyopathy and Diabetes: Crestor Lawsuits

Our attorneys are investigating potential lawsuits involving Crestor and its possible side effects. There are two types of Crestor cases in particular that have gained the interest of many mass tort lawyers: Crestor induced cardiomyopathy and Crestor induced diabetes.

Crestor is a statin that treats dyslipidemia. Crestor is intended – and probably does – reduce “bad” cholesterol while increasing “good” cholesterol. But Crestor lawsuits allege that Crestor can cause cardiovascular injuries leading to cardiomyopathy and diabetes.

As if that was not a problem enough, rhabdomyolysis has also been linked to Crestor which may lead Crestor patients to suffer kidney injuries.

Do you want more information on Crestor lawsuits to help you decide whether (1) you qualify, and/or (2) you are interested in bringing a Crestor injury claim? Tell us about your case and we will give you our thoughts.