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Articles Posted in Fentanyl Pain Patch

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Here’s a list of some important stories we’ve been tracking.

  • Boston Globe article probing the financial ties between Massachusetts doctors and Eli Lilly, a large drug manufacturer. “When the [drug] company provides the PowerPoint [for the doctor’s presentation], the risk of bias is even greater.”
  • Seattle Post Intelligencer article examining the fatal overdose of a 15-year-old teen with autism. Michael Blankenship had a dental procedure and was given a Fentanyl Pain Patch. These are typically product liability cases, but it looks like Michael never should have received the patch in the first place, so Michael’s family has filed a medical negligence complaint.
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Law firms are filing more fentanyl pain patch lawsuits—more and more of them are against Mylan Inc. and its subsidiary, Mylan Technologies Inc. Mylan patches differ from the usual pain patches because they are not reservoir based, but instead use a mesh matrix. Experts agree that the mesh matrix is much safer than the reservoirs, which are prone to leaking toxic amounts of the opiate drug. Right now, there have been reports of about 28 deaths possibly related to the Mylan matrix patches. Further investigation will reveal whether the products were defective.