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Chantix Cases Getting Better for Plaintiffs

Pfizer’s lawyers took their best shot at winning these cases with the only strategy that will work: keep the cases away from a jury that will weigh the evidence.

This strategy took a hit on Tuesday when the MDL judge overseeing the 2,500 Chantix lawsuits in federal court shot down Pfizer’s motion to exclude the general causation and liability opinions of five plaintiff experts.

Judge Inge Prytz Johnson ruled that while Pfizer has interesting arguments, they are jury arguments not “the expert should be excluded” arguments. I’m not sure a jury will be too impressed with hypertechnical attacks on these experts’ methodology as long as they swallow the big picture: these drugs put users at risk for homicidal and suicidal behavior that they would not have committed if there were not on the drugs. It is that simple.

Sure, the judge will not allow these experts to testify as to what the Pfizer’s people were thinking when they were misleading the FDA (whoops, I just did it myself).

So, this is a good day for Chantix plaintiffs. If you have a potential Chantix suicide lawsuit, call 800-553-8082 to talk to a lawyer about your potential claim or get a free consultation here.