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Counterfeit Version of Altuzan/Avastin

The FDA has announced that there is a counterfeit version of Roche’s Altuzan 400mg/16ml (bevacizumab) that has been obtained by some medical practices. Lab tests have confirmed that the Altuzan, an injectable cancer medication, contains no active ingredient. Altuzan, the brand name for Avastin in Turkey.

The FDA first warned in February that a counterfeit supply of the widely used Avastin had turned up in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal has traced that supply through a network of firms in Canada, Barbados, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Egypt, and Turkey.
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Medical practices obtained the counterfeit Altuzan through foreign sources. Packaging or vials found in the U.S. that claim to be Roche’s Altuzan with lot number B6021 should be considered counterfeit, and should not be used. The products should be reported to the FDA and be retained and securely stored until further notice.

Avastin is approved for metastatic colorectal and kidney cancer. These are patients with challenging cancers. It takes a particular brand of evil to counterfeit Avastin. Do these people go home to families? I complain about the evils of big drug companies in their mad search for profits. But this is like 10,000 times worse.

But you know who is not just as bad, but similarly bad? The medical practices that bought this stuff. What in the world were they thinking?