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Digitek Update

We have written little about the Digitek cases. I looked at them in the beginning (and they looked very promising) but in the end could not find any clients who actually had the legendary “double-dose” pill that was the root of all the evil. Certainly there were some patients who died and had blood tests revealing digoxin toxicity, but that’s still an uphill battle without compelling evidence to show the plaintiff took the pills as directed. The allegations are that, among patients with impaired renal function, Digitek toxicity can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, low blood pressure, cardiac instability, bradycardia, and death.

So, I cannot say that I know much about the status of these cases. One blog, MassTortDefense, commented today about the status of the MDL. Five bellwether trials have been selected for the federal litigation in the Southern District of West Virginia.

Any plaintiff lawyers out there want to comment on the state of the litigation, from their perspective? Do we believe plaintiffs have a shot on this one?