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Drug Blog Round-Up

Instead of doing our usual Monday Drug Blog Round-Up yesterday, we opted for a fuller post on the recent plaintiffs’ pain pump victory in Oregon. For more on that story, see the Oregonian. So, today we’ll bring you the links to the stories we’re following:

  • Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: FiercePharma lists the top ten drugs for a percentage of web-based traffic from DTC ads. YAZ is seventh, even “better” than Viagra.
  • Radiation Therapy Malpractice: Pat Malone reports on the dangers of technology, training, and procedures in radiation therapy: “Scott Jerome-Parks suffered terrible radiation burns to his neck, and lingered for two years in agony before dying, because he received a seven-fold overdose in the radiation that was supposed to treat his tongue cancer, on three separate occasions.”
  • Meridia: Tom Lamb and the Drug Injury Watch report on a possible Meridia drug recall.
  • Glaxo and Merck Disclose (Hide?) Payments to Doctors: The TortsProf Blog cites a story about Glaxo and Merck publicizing the money they give to doctors. The blog reports that the disclosure lists were “difficult to locate.”
  • Hormone Therapy: Bloomberg reports that a judge denied Pfizer’s attempts to forcibly remove a YouTube video on hormone therapy, posted by Plaintiffs’ attorneys. The judge did, however, require the attorneys to rename the video and indicate it was not a news segment (which was obvious from watching the video). See the video here.

Happy Tuesday!