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Drug Blog Round-Up

Not drug related, but Happy Anniversary is in order.
Now that you know more about me than you are probably comfortable with (who celebrates that?), let’s get to business with some noteworthy items:

  • Reuters discusses the FDAs investigation of using drugs like Seroquel on children.
  • Recently expanded indications for Seroquel by children.
  • The Chicago Tribune writes about abuses in prescribing psychotropic medications without consent and without a valid medical reason. Note the front-and-center picture of Seroquel.
  • The Wall Street Journal discusses a clinical study showing that an experimental once-a-week treatment woks better to treat type-2 diabetes than Januvia.
  • Tomorrow (December 8, 2009) the FDA will convene a joint meeting of the Cardiovascular and Renal Drugs Committee and Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee. They will discuss safety as it pertains to Gadolinium-based contrast agents, which are used before MRI procedures. A copy of the background material (agenda, briefing information and meeting roster) is located here. More information on Gadolinium-based contrast agents can be found at our blog and our website.
  • More on Ghostwriting (courtesy Brian Ketterer). I like this excerpt:

If a professional writer is paid by a company to write a piece and a non-author doctor is asked to approve it, the appropriate outcome would be for the professional writer to be listed as the author and for the non-author doctor to be thanked in an acknowledgement for having reviewed the paper. If the non-author doctor makes substantial enough changes to the paper, he or she might be listed as a coauthor. In either case, the funding for the paper should be disclosed.

Happy Monday!