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Drug Blog Round-Up

It’s a winter wonderland here in Maryland, and our office is running on a skeleton crew. Here are the top drug injury-related stories for the past few days:

  • Digitek: Tom Lamb and the Drug Injury Watch post on the status of this litigation (surprisingly, it is not defunct yet, despite long problems in finding the mythical creature, “The Double-Dose Pill.”
  • Preemption: An upcoming article by Mary J. Davis in the Hastings Law Journal titled “The ‘New’ Presumption Against Preemption.”
  • Gadolinium: A Danish radiologist complains to The Guardian that the United Kingdom’s laws on libel are preventing him from speaking about the dangers of General Electric’s MRI contrast dye, Omniscan. He states, “I am not giving lectures any more in the UK where it seems you can be sued for telling the truth.” He is being sued by GE Healthcare. GE: “We Bring Good Things to Light [or, do our best to quash them through litigation].”
  • Fosamax: Exposé by NPR about how Fosamax came to be so popular, and whether it works. (Hat tip to Shearlings Got Plowed)

Happy Monday!