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Drug Blog Round-Up

Here are some of the stories we’re following this week:

  • Janumet: Shearlings Got Plowed reports that the FDA is revising the label for Janumet to warn about pancreatitis. A link to the FDA’s prescribing information is here
  • Seroquel: Tom Lamb reports on the difficulties that plaintiffs are facing in these cases, of late. It seems that the odds are against us and the situation is grim—a good time for a reversal
  • Prempro: NPR reports on the marketing masquerading as research by drug-makers trying to profit from menopause
  • Levaquin: The Mass Tort Defense blog reports on the status of the bellwether trials: consolidation rejected
  • Conflicts of Interest: The New York Times reports that Pfizer gives $3 million to Stanford University for creation of continuing medical education courses, where Pfizer has no say on what the money is spent for. Does this prevent conflicts of interest or is it “self-satirizing?”

Happy Monday!