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Drug Recall Blog Round-Up

Here are the stories we’re following:

  • Levaquin: reports that Levaquin manufacturer Johnson & Johnson may have paid millions in kickbacks to a large pharmacy for prescriptions to nursing home patients. The complaint was filed by the U.S. Attorney in Boston.
  • Acetaminophen: An article published in the medical journal Thorax ScienceDaily reports that there may be a direct link between use of acetaminophen during pregnancy and child asthma.
  • Twombly/Iqbal Statistics: The Federal Judicial Center has collected preliminary data on motions to dismiss before and after Twombly and Iqbal (hat tip: The Civil Procedure and Federal Courts Blog).
  • Prempro: Bloomberg discusses Judge Ackerman’s reduction of the Connie Barton punitive damages verdict (by 93%, from $75 million to $5.6 million) and added $1.2 million in interest to the jury’s compensatory damages verdict of $3.7 million.

Happy Monday!