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Drug Recall Lawyer Blog Round Up

Here are the week’s stories:

  • Adverse Events: Our friends at the US Recall News have a link to governmental agencies in charge of adverse event complaints and concerns.
  • Avandia: Lots of concern recently about the diabetes drug Avandia and heart problems (HT: Nursing Home Abuse Blog).
  • Iqbal: The Lewis & Clark law review released its symposium “Pondering Iqbal.” There are some good topics here—a must-read (HT: PrawfsBlog).
  • BPA: More on BPA research (HT: Nash & Associates).
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing: The title says it all: “A Snarky Look at Sneaky Marketing Tactics Pharma hasn’t Avoided” (HT: Pharma Marketing Blog).
  • Gadolinium/Omniscan: A settlement has been reached in the libel suit brought by General Electric (GE) against Danish researcher Henrik Thomsen.

Happy Monday!