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Drug Recall Lawyer Blog Round-Up

Some interesting news to follow this week:

  • Vioxx: The Pop Tort reports on how “lawsuits played a key role unearthing documents showing what lengths Merck went to cover up mounting evidence that patients taking Vioxx were experiencing a high number of heart attacks and strokes.” Now, Vioxx manufacturer Merck settles some shareholder lawsuits and includes some proactive measures to protect against these abuses in the future.
  • Medical Radiation: Much continues to be written about radiation as it relates to diagnostic procedures, especially in the wake of the FDA’s newest guidelines. The Mass Tort Defense Blog opines that plaintiffs’ lawyers seeking medical monitoring for their patients may do more harm than good on the basis that it will increase radiation exposure. There is some logic to this, but shouldn’t patients be the ones to choose?
  • Lipitor Whistleblower Lawsuit: FiercePharma reports on an amended complaint by a whistleblower, alleging that Pfizer unethically expanded its marketing base by ignoring cholesterol guidelines.
  • Pain Pumps: This is a good graphic representation of the pain pump system

Happy Monday!