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Drug Recall Lawyer Blog Round-Up

Here are some stories to follow this week:

  • Tylenol Recall: Johnson & Johnson’s statement about the recall is here, and they have a blog post here (with some interaction with consumers via comments).
  • Vyvanase and Off-label Marketing: John Mack has an interesting post analyzing an ad that might be promoting off-label use through subtle imagery. Is it off-label, or is just a picture? You be the judge!
  • Maalox: The FDA posted a statement (scroll to the bottom) under Patient Safety News regarding the problems with confusing various types of Maalox, which can have disastrous results.
  • April 510k Clearances: viewable here.
  • Topomax: After the $81 million settlement with the DOJ over its drug Topomax, Johnson & Johnson sales reps are going to be randomly observed during sales pitches (HT: FiercePharma).
  • Preemption and Generic Drugs: post by the For the Defense.
  • Fosamax: I’ve been trying to get a post on this important decision, but it’s been a busy couple of days. Tom Lamb has a description.

Happy Monday!