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Drug Recall Lawyer Blog Round-Up

Here are this week’s stories:

  • Dietary Supplements: The FDA Law Blog comments about the FDA’s compliance program for dietary supplements.
  • Vaccine-Autism Litigation: Drug and Device Law Blog thinks the most recent Federal Circuit decision basically seals the coffin in this litigation.
  • Maryland Whistleblower Protection: Pat Malone writes about a Maryland appellate case approving protection of a nurse’s job when reporting dangerous hospital practices. This could have reverberations for other whistleblower cases, including products cases. See this website for more information on the False Claims Act. And, see this website for more about the whistleblower mindset blowing-the-whistle-on-drugmakers-misdeed-takes-guts-stamina.
  • Fosamax: most of the bellwether cases will be tried this summer and fall (HT: Shearlings Got Ploughed).
  • CT Radiation: great audio article by NPR.
  • Big Brother: Pharmalot reports that GlaxoSmithKline doesn’t like its employees visiting CafePharma, a drug blog devoted to employee criticisms of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Happy Monday!