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Drug Recall Lawyer Blog Round-Up

Here are the week’s top stories:

  • Off-Label Marketing: Jack’s Posterous has a recount of recent off-label marketing fines paid by drug dealers (oops, I mean manufacturers). “As long as off-label promotion is more profitable than the fines for punishing off-label promotion, we will have off-label promotion.”
  • Zocor: FDA says it may cause muscle injury (rhabdomyolysis). See our prior Zocor posts.
  • Pfizer and Free Samples: Pfizer spends the most doling out free samples–$2.7 billion in a year. Kinda makes you think about those paltry fines, huh?
  • Off-Label Marketing, pt. II: Take the poll.
  • Drugs and Porn: Can drugs cause porn and gambling addictions? Looks like there are lawsuits in Australia and here in the U.S. I’m highly skeptical of this one.
  • Fosamax: Jury selection just ended in the retrial of the Boles case, yesterday.

Happy Tuesday!