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Drug Recall Lawyer Blog Round-Up

Here’s all the news that’s fit to print:

  • Tylenol Recall Lawsuit: According to Bloomberg, consumers are striking back against Johnson & Johnson over the recalled Tylenol (and other) drugs. Basically, the federal class action suit seeks to force J&J to pay money for returned products instead of offering coupons for the same products. That is a logical position–who wants to buy Tylenol, now? Would you use it if they gave it to for free? However, J&J’s website says they offer refunds or coupons, and it seems like the customer’s choice.
  • Avandia: The FDA’s advisory committee on Avandia is set to meet this week to go over the risk/benefit profile.
  • Fosamax Trial: See here for Merck’s complaint about plaintiff’s trial counsel in the Boles case, and here for the other side of the story (HT: Shearlings Got Plowed).
  • Free Speech: Can doctors criticize pharmaceuticals online? (HT: Pharma Marketing Blog)
  • Preventing Children Medication Errors by Parents: Just because it’s important (scroll down halfway)
  • Thimerosal: Another one bites the dust.
  • FDA Facebook Page: Good idea or bad idea?

Happy Monday!

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