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Drug Recall Lawyer Blog Round-Up

Here are the stories we’re following this week:

  • Fosamax and Statute of Limitations: Recent Fosamax case and application of American Pipe mass tort/class action tolling (HT: Drug and Device Law Blog)
  • Drug Pushers: Are sales reps who promote their companies drugs with direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising “pushers?” (HT: Pharma Marketing Blog)
  • Price-fixing: According to a Bloomberg report, Germany cuts costs of drugs by precluding manufacturers from setting their own prices.
  • Neurontin: Reuters reports that Pfizer loses a RICO trial to the tune of $141 million.
  • Boston Scientific Defibrillators: Another perspective here. You can see our previous blog post here.
  • CT Scan Radiation: New York Times article about whether FDA ignored warnings about radiation problems.

Happy Monday!