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Drug Recall Roundup

Here’s a list of some important stories we’ve been tracking.

  • Boston Globe article probing the financial ties between Massachusetts doctors and Eli Lilly, a large drug manufacturer. “When the [drug] company provides the PowerPoint [for the doctor’s presentation], the risk of bias is even greater.”
  • Seattle Post Intelligencer article examining the fatal overdose of a 15-year-old teen with autism. Michael Blankenship had a dental procedure and was given a Fentanyl Pain Patch. These are typically product liability cases, but it looks like Michael never should have received the patch in the first place, so Michael’s family has filed a medical negligence complaint.
  • Drug Recall of specific lots of Infants’ and Children’s Tylenol (Johnson & Johnson) because of bacterial contamination.
  • Update on Vioxx settlement: $4.85 billion.