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Effient Lawsuit?

There have been no lawsuits filed (of which we are aware) involving Effient, a blood-thinner marketed by Eli Lilly. There could be potential lawsuits on the horizon after news that Effient has been linked to higher rates of cancer than its rival, Plavix, according to data provided in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Sometimes plaintiffs’ lawyers are like the man with a hammer. Everything is a nail. So before demanding a recall and calling this the next class action, here are two good reasons why there may be no lawsuits associated with Effient: First, maybe this data is wrong and there is no high rate of cancer with Effient. Second, maybe Eli Lily could not have known of the increased cancer rate even with the exercise of reasonable care and diligence. Still, smart Effient patients should talk to their doctors and smart plaintiffs’ lawyers will keep abreast of future developments.