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Fixing Healthcare: Medical Device Immunity Costs Us Billions Of Dollars

The president of the American Association for Justice, Anthony Tarricone, comments about the extreme costs associated with medical device immunity. As one example, he cites to the Sprint Fidelis lead wires which have a high rate of breakage and unnecessary shocks. The manufacturer, Medtronic, is so far immune from claims of injury by people who had the device implanted.

In this day of concern over rising medical costs, the fact that consumers, taxpayers, and insurance companies have to foot the bill for problems created by medical device companies should be an outrage. And that doesn’t even take into account the unquantifiable pain and human distress caused by defective devices.

Here is a short video featuring people who have experienced first-hand the pain of repeated electric shocks by the Sprint Fidelis lead, and a description of the legal issues.

Stop Corporate Immunity – Medical Device Safety Act from the American Association for Justice on Vimeo.