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Glaxo and James Murdock

James Murdock was elected to the GlaxoSmithKline board of directors in 2009. He was re-elected to the Glaxo board in May, making Stalin proud by winning 97 percent of the votes cast. Glaxo’s love for Murdock is understandable. Anytime you can get a billionaire’s son whose only business accomplishment is working for his dad, you have to jump on that opportunity. “Should we recall Actos? Let’s get Murdock in here to figure it out.” Inside sources tell me Glaxo turned to Murdock when their first choice, Ivanka Trump, wasn’t available. I think they actually meant to get Matlock.

I’m taking a shot at James Murdock because it’s funny. Is James Murdock an idiot? Corrupt? I don’t know, of course. But I doubt it. He’s probably a very smart guy. Maybe he was born on third base, but what does that ultimately have to do with anything?

But still. Why is he on the board at Glaxo? I’m a smart guy, too. But I’m not qualified to be on the board at Glaxo either. I think shareholders of Glaxo should look at exactly how the sausage is being made at Glaxo and whether they really want some.