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Hip Replacement Recall Pay Per Click Advertising

Like most lawyers writing about mass tort drug injury cases, our firm is looking to attract potential hip replacement recall cases.

One means of accomplishing this goal – as opposed to providing real information that is of use to victims which attracts attention from the search engines – is to buy pay-per-click advertising. I’m philosophically opposed to pay-per-click because I feel like 90% of the clicks are other lawyers snooping around to see who is buying the placement.

That said, I’m sure it works because there are many drug injury lawyers and marketing firms spending a fortune on placement. If the free market says it works, I’m inclined to believe it works.

When I say “a fortune”, I mean a fortune. This is the cost of hip replacement per click:

hip replacement lawsuit: $37.11
hip replacement lawsuits: $37.70
Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit: $19.44
hip replacement lawsuit settlement: $35.36
hip replacement recall lawsuit: $35.63
hip replacement class action lawsuit: $32.56
DePuy hip replacement recall lawsuit: $51.11
Zimmer hip replacement lawsuits: $25.54
DePuy hip replacement lawsuits: $41.59

The cost of these clicks gives lawyers a decent stock market type barometer of where the conventional wisdom is as to where the cases are headed. I would love to see a graph over time of the pay per click costs for Seroquel, Medtronic, and Digitek. I just took a quick look at Seroquel. The lawyers have all, naturally, run for the hills. The big buyer of pay-per-click advertising on these keywords now: AstraZeneca.