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Hurry Up And Wait

Yesterday was the hearing in Richmond, Virginia to determine whether the Yasmin and YAZ drug injury lawsuits will be consolidated into an MDL. Consolidation would be extremely useful for women and their families who have been injured because there will be a large amount of common discovery to be done. An MDL will really facilitate that discovery (and, will preclude the need for lawyers with numerous YAZ cases from going around the country to mundane case management conferences). But, even if the MDL does not happen, these cases can still be pursued. Women with potential YAZ-related injuries should contact attorneys early–many states have Draconian rules on the time limit to bring claims.

These decisions sometimes happen quickly, and sometimes not so quickly. We’re hoping for a ruling in the next couple of months. When it happens, we’ll let you know.
UPDATE: October 1, 2009: The MDL has been approved.
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