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Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen Recall

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals has recalled about 11,000 bottles of its hydrocodone with acetaminophen tablets. The drug is used to relieve pain, combining hydrocodone (an opiate narcotic) with acetaminophen (a non-narcotic pain reliever).

The recall came from a mixup that led to the discovery of a bottle mislabeled as Phenobarbital. The fear is that patients may unintentionally take hydrocodone and acetaminophen when they are supposed to be taking Phenobarbital.

So will lawsuits follow? Sure if two things happen. First, someone has to actually make the mistake of taking this drug instead of Phenobarbital. Second, there has to be some injury from this error. I put the chances of these things happening together on par with the likelihood of Brett Favre hosting The View. But I applaud Qualitest for recalling the product, anyway.

You can read more about this recall here.