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J&J Recall #94,299: Insulin Cartridges says that Johnson & Johnson has “had a bad stretch over the past months with recalls”, joining the Understatement of the Month Club. It would be like saying Charlie Sheen has had a few weeks with some turbulence.

J&J added one more recall to the long list yesterday, recalling faulty insulin cartridges that were leaking. This recall is over 380,000 faulty insulin cartridges manufactured by Animas, yet another subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

Does J&J have all of these subsidiaries in part to deflect culpability for these recalls? Lawyers are not running “Johnson & Johnson hip implant lawsuit” ads. They are running “DePuy hip implant lawsuit” ads (yes, I had to add in the link… I couldn’t help it). I really don’t think they have these subsidiaries just to avoid bleeding their image because they know these subsidiaries are putting out high-risk products. But the Oliver Stone in me wonders.