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Marketing Unapproved Drugs

In just an hour, the FDA’s Office of Compliance, Division of New Drugs and Labeling Compliance (DNDLC) will present a webinar entitled, “Marketed Unapproved Drugs.” The webinar will discuss (1) the history of drug regulation in the United States, (2) the public health risks associated with unapproved drugs in the market and FDA’s Unapproved Drug Initiative, (3) and will identify tools to help determine the approval status of prescription drug products.

No word yet on whether Johnson & Johnson will require everyone at J&J who has ever even heard the word “Topamax” to attend.

Okay, that was a weak effort at a joke. I was trying to slide in a “marketing Topamax for everything but the common cold” jab but it does not really fit. You sometimes can’t fit in the joke with the story. But check out the webinar.