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wreath.jpgFirst, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to those who celebrate. And now–to work.
The Drug and Device blog is continuing without the assistance of Mark Herrmann. Jim Beck posts on the Top Ten Best Prescription Drug/Medical Device Decisions Of 2009. From our side of the “v.” this can fairly be read as some of the worst/most unfortunate decisions of 2009. With that said, we’ve had a pretty good run this year, too. Hormone therapy verdicts keep coming; and importantly, Wyeth v. Levine turned out right. The Vioxx cases settled, and it seems the drug and device companies were taken to task repeatedly in other cases–not only by consumers and patients, but by the attorneys general of numerous states. And, litigation continues in gadolinium cases, Yasmin/YAZ/Ocella cases, and pain pump cases, along with others. Perhaps most importantly, the ties between drug-makers and doctors are being thoroughly examined, and consumers are more aware of the biases.
So, lots of things to be thankful for. Of course, our thoughts are with those people and their families who are fighting to be heard in the courts because of defective drug and medical device injuries. We wish you happy holidays, and speedy justice.