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More Defective Defibrillators: Warning About 280,000 Of Them

The FDA is warning patients and doctors about possible risks posed by 280,000 defibrillators, manufactured by Cardiac Science of Bothell. These are external defibrillators, the kind you find in airports, at hospitals, nursing homes, and at swimming pools.

The devices may not provide the correct shocks, may not properly evaluate heart rhythms. There are 14 devices subject to the warning, including Cardiac Science Powerheart, CardioVive, Nihon Kohden (NK), and GE Responder External Defibrillators manufactured between 2003 and 2009.

Users should continue to use the defibrillators (which are potentially better than nothing) until they can get replacements or repairs. Obviously, the FDA recommends that high-risk locations (hospitals, nursing homes, etc…) immediately arrange for repair/replacement and use alternative devices in the meantime.