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Recall of more ED drugs caught masquerading as weight-loss supplements

We posted a couple of days ago on the Libipower recall, the libido drug “officially” marketed for weight loss. It looks like the FDA has spotted some other drugs that fit the bill of weight-loss drugs, which are also used for erectile dysfunction.

Since being notified by the FDA that the supplement products contain unapproved drug ingredients, the manufacturer (Opteron 1 Inc., doing business as Nature & Health Co.) of LibieXtreme, Y-4ever, Libimax X Liquid, Powermania Liquid and Capsule, Herbal Disiac has “voluntarily” recalled those products. See the recall press release here.

Of course, a drug/supplement that worked for weight loss and erectile dysfunction would make billions and billions of dollars–just look at Viagra and Fen-Phen. It’s a marketing genius to combine the two. However, in this case, it is just pure fancy.