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NuvaRing Lawsuit

Our lawyers are investigating NuvaRing lawsuits. NuvaRing is a small inter-vaginal device inserted by the user once a month to prevent pregnancy. NuvaRing’s manufacturer sells NuvaRing on the premise that its regime is easy compared to the traditional birth control pill that has to be taken every day.

NuvaRing releases the hormones estrogen and progesterone into a woman’s body. The concern is that at high levels these hormones can cause cardiac problems and blood clotting, specifically, the formation of an embolus – a blood clot that can cause pulmonary embolisms. NuvaRing lawsuits contend that NuvaRing’s manufacturer failed to provide proper and full information as to the safety of the NuvaRing to the FDA, which regulates the sale of the NuvaRing.

Our lawyers are investigating pulmonary embolism NuvaRing cases for potential settlements and/or lawsuits. If you think you or someone you love may have suffered an injury from NuvaRing, call one of our NuvaRing lawyers at 800-553-8082. You can also get a free Internet consultation for your potential NuvaRing lawsuit.