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Recalled Motrin IB Tablets and Caplets

Johnson & Johnson, eager to pad its record recall year before 2011 closes out, is recalling certain lots of MOTRIN IB because testing of product samples showed that some caplets may not dissolve as quickly as intended when nearing their expiration date. This is not a consumer-level recall, meaning consumers do not need to dispose of or return the product.

There is no safety concern if consumers continue taking the product in accordance with its label; there may just be a delay in experiencing relief. The recall is NOT being made on the basis of any adverse events.
The lot numbers for the recalled product can be found on the side of the carton label. The recalled lots are as follows:

  • MOTRIN IB 24 COATED TABLETS – Lot Numbers: ADA069, ALA168, ALA244
    AMA286, APA001, ASA001 – UPC Code: 300450463029
  • MOTRIN IB 24 COATED CAPLETS – Lot Numbers: ACA310, ACA460, ADA407
    AEA262, AFA226, AJA170, ALA037, ALA163, AMA012, AMA331, AMA342, APA035, ASA082, ASA123, ASA285, BDA238, BDA260, BDA383, BEA065, BEA148, BEA269
    BEA277, BFA064, BFA144, BFA244, BHA078, BHA147, BHA167, BHA198, BJA164,
    BJA221, BMA144, BMA215, BMA271, BSA022, BSA056, CBA063, CBA107, CCA028,
    CDA003, CFA065, CFA100, CHA012, CHA044, CHA066, CHA080, CMA028, CMA035,
    CMA057, CMA102, CMA108 – UPC Code: 300450481030
  • MOTRIN IB 24+6 COATED CAPLETS – Lot Numbers: ACA761, ALA265 – UPC Code: 300450481641

The products were distributed in the United States, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Fiji, Belize, St. Lucia, and Jamaica.

Is this a serious safety hazard for Motrin users? No. But it continues to underscore that Johnson & Johnson needs to get its act together. Drug companies are going to have recalls. Even the best companies will have to recall products from time to time. J&J just has way too many.

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