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Recalled Similac Baby Formula

Abbott has recalled its Similac baby formula after reports of beetles being found in the product were confirmed. Millions of containers of the baby formula are involved in the recall. Abbott claims that 99.8% of the baby formula tested was negative for beetle contamination.

Since we first posted on this earlier today, our lawyers have received many inquiries from parents whose children have taken this recalled Similac baby formula. I do not think this incident, however regrettable, will lead to viable lawsuits and our law firm will not be handling these cases.

The good news is that apparently drinking the recalled formula – anyway – will not cause serious injury. The FDA has said that affected children may be uncomfortable and it may irritate the gastrointestinal tract, causing infants to lose their appetite. But ingesting the recalled formula should not cause any long-term effects. Would I still be nervous if it were my child? Of course.