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Rolaids Recall

Johnson & Johnson has issued a recall of Rolaids because of reports of metal and wood particles in the product. Not all Rolaids are in the recall but the recall includes Rolaids extra strength soft chews, Rolaids extra strength plus gas soft chews, and Rolaids multi-symptom plus anti-gas soft chews. The problem appears to be yet another Johnson & Johnson manufacturing defect.

Someone gave a quote about J&J last week after all of these recalls to the effect the company used to be ”as pure as Caesar’s wife’ but look at it now. I didn’t know Caesar’s wife was so pure. I thought she was pretty mean in the HBO miniseries Rome. But as I said before, it seems amazing the J&J can’t get its act together. Typically, this is harmless, like the Tylenol recall. But then you have the Depuy hip replacement recall and Levaquin and you realize that all of these little mistakes underscore deeper problems that are going to get more people hurt. J&J has to figure something out. I’m sure it can get back to the whole Caesar’s wife thing. But they have to do something different. Because the game plan now is not spelling relief.