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Seroquel MDL Closing Up Shop?

The Seroquel MDL, which has been focused on common Seroquel discovery since July 2006, may come to an end. Judge Anne Conway of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida stated yesterday that she is recommending all cases in the MDL be sent to their home states for trials. There are approximately 6,000 cases in the MDL, and more cases filed in other states around the country, including New Jersey and Delaware, which may see the first trials as early as January of next year.

AstraZeneca, the defendant and manufacturer of Seroquel, requested that Judge Conway send back approximately 60 cases for early trials. These cases would serve as tests, which may pave the way for an eventual settlement of the rest of the claims. However, plaintiffs requested that all cases be sent back starting next month. Certainly, it would take some time for the federal judges to address the multitude of cases, but the earlier they are sent back, the earlier trial dates can be set. There is still a long road for plaintiffs, but they are nearing the horizon.