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Seroquel Settlement

AstraZeneca will pay $2 million to settle more than 200 Seroquel lawsuits. These are the first Seroquel settlements.

This amounts to about $10,000 a plaintiff which is certainly a different value that had been expected. But it seems as though these are weak Seroquel cases. I have written before that of the over 10,000 lawsuits filed in the Seroquel cases, there were certainly some that could not make it past summary judgment. I suspect these 200 odd Seroquel lawsuits are these cases.

It is a smart move tactically for AstraZeneca because these settlements will lower the expectations of many Seroquel plaintiffs with lawsuits pending. But if AstraZeneca thinks bottom has dropped out on the remaining Seroquel cases because it has had a string of early victories, I think they are wrong.