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Seroquel—Weight Neutral Over The Long-Term???

An e-mail from the Seroquel litigation, dated May 14, 2001, contains some talking points for Seroquel’s Product Managers and Marketing Managers. AstraZeneca understood that they had a big problem with the weight-gain issue. The e-mail reflects their approach:

  • “The global strategy is to demonstrate to customers that Seroquel has a weight neutral profile in the long term
  • Seroquel is not associated with diabetes nor its exacerbation

Attached to the e-mail was a “weight objection handler,” more talking points to counter objections to Seroquel by health care providers who questioned the weight gain issue.
Does this make any sense at all? Are they trying to say that, with Seroquel, patients gained weight rapidly in the short-term, but then lost that weight over the time they were on the drug? And, what is the short-term, anyway? This is far-fetched, and is another example of a desperate company trying to fiddle with studies and data that leave one inescapable conclusion—they should warn people about dangers associated with their drug.