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Super Poligrip Warning Update

The manufacturers of Super Poligrip, the zinc-containing denture adhesive that can cause numbness, decrease in strength, tingling, balance problems, and other issues, have updated its product with a new warning.

Now, consumers are warned that the denture adhesive contains zinc and that they should talk with their doctor if they are taking zinc supplements because of the potential for zinc-toxicity. It also warns that excessive amounts of Poligrip can cause serious health effects.

Finally, diagrams are included detailing proper use, and the labeling informs consumers about how long a tube should last. This is a good step forward. The problem with the adhesive up to now has been that many consumers with ill-fitting dentures use prodigious amounts of adhesive, causing extensive neurological injuries. These warnings may go a long way to prevent further problems.

However, the instructions and warnings on the website could go a little further. Here’s a link to the existing instructions. The site says to use a small amount for the first use, then apply more if needed (which can be confusing). Also, there is no warning about the dangers of using excessive amounts, or the potential injuries, on the website. And a search of Poligrip’s website for the word “zinc” revealed no hits. That’s not good.
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