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Today’s Stories and Links

  • Hospitals to put doctors‘ relationships with pharmaceutical companies under the microscope (The Denver Post). Of course, they have been saying this for years. But I have never seen anyone pull out this microscope. Five years from now, I will link to a similar article suggesting the dawn of a new era. Hopefully, they will be efficient with their time and just cut and paste this article.
  • Aggressive drug marketing and resultant prescribing causes harm to patients (Emax health). Aggressive drug marketing is not good for patients. Another “haven’t we seen this before?” study.
  • Research and Markets: Allergan – SWOT Framework Analysis (Business Wire)
  • Ask Not For Whom the Drug Tolls (Intermex Financial). “If Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer were in a school in Massachusetts today, they’d be drugged with Ritalin, according to many psychiatrists and other experts.” I guess the question is whether that would be a bad thing. I’m not sure one way or the other. (Using the word “drugged” certainly baits the answer.) I could probably offer more insight if I had read Huck Finn instead of the Cliff Notes. They should have put a warning about this in ALL CAPS.

  • Prescription drug containers may get simpler labels (American Medical News)
  • Medical records technology helps with drug recall (The Monitor)
  • Prescription drug abuse takes a deadly toll in W.Va (West Virginia News)
  • Bans of popular painkiller Darvon, Darvocet, and their generic versions lead to lawsuits (News OK). Maybe they are not exactly breaking the story.
  • Aftermarket (Non-Factory) Installed Sunroof Safety Recall (PR USA)
  • Sanofi, Abbott Win Trial Over Glenmark’s Tarka Drug, Awarded $16 Million (Bloomberg). Drug company on drug company crime.
  • Advocacy Groups Take Drug Firm Money Without Disclosure (Connecticut Watchdog )
  • Genentech Informs Customers of Important Information About Triad Group’s Alcohol Prep Pads (Fierce Biotech)
  • Clear Case of Big Pharma’s Hold on FDA: Agency Ignored Dangers of Diabetes Drug Avandia (Revolution Broadcasting)