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Tylenol Recall Injuries?

Tylenol-05-05-10.jpgSeveral reports and calls have come in regarding injuries related to Johnson & Johnson’s Tylenol (and other brands, see here) recall. The FDA is examining about 775 reports of side effects, including 30 deaths, potentially linked to the products. As the investigation proceeds, it appears that most of the 30 deaths have been excluded as resulting from the Tylenol. See the CNN report. As I mentioned earlier, I’m skeptical that any serious injuries will result from the contamination. But only time will tell.
Yesterday, Johnson & Johnson released a plan to deal with quality control issues like the ones surrounding the Tylenol recall. It looks like they are taking some good steps to prevent future problems. Of course, the big problem is that they are reacting to past problems when a bit of proactivity could have prevented this whole thing. At any rate, the plan will certainly help Johnson & Johnson to deal with the upcoming congressional probe by showing that they are responding quickly. But is it quick enough? Maybe they should trade notes with BP…