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What Am I Eating?

The FDA has put forth proposed guidelines for implementing the salient portions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (“PPACA”) that requires certain restaurants (20 or more locations) and vending machines to disclose nutrition information.

Critics like Walter Olson, Wes Siegner, and Susan J. Matthees are upset by the impact this is putting on small businesses. Although I think a restaurant with 20 locations is a little bigger than a small business, I get their point. No doubt, there are unnecessary burdens that government places on small businesses.
But I think the world is changing and things need to change with it. Obesity is not a problem you can legislate directly. But indirectly maybe by requiring people serving us food to tell us what it is? I’m in favor of it and I think in 20 years we will be amazed it was any other way.

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