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What the FDA Can Do?

Drug companies love to hide behind the FDA’s skirt. I don’t think the FDA is a bad organization. And it is getting better (I think). But we get almost weekly evidence that the FDA is not the lockdown gatekeeper that pharmaceutical companies pretend that it is.

This week’s evidence is revealed in the New York Times. In an audit of 17 FDA food recalls, the FDA often failed to follow its own rules in removing dangerous imported foods from the market. Keep in mind the level of screw up here: failure to follow your own rules after you know there is a problem. This audit concluded that government food officials are often sloppy and inattentive in their efforts to ensure that bad food is taken out of our mouths quickly.
The FDA is not a joke or a laughing stock. When it is sticking its chest out, the FDA implicitly but seductively suggests it can protect us. But its reach exceeds its grasp. It can’t deliver. Even under the best-case scenario with the greatest government regulation in the history of the world, it still can’t deliver.

Who can protect us? Product manufacturers and food and drug companies need to be the gatekeeper for safety, not the FDA. When they fail to assume that role for their own product, there should be ramifications. Yes, that means lawsuits, folks.

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