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Where Is the Beef…Recall?

The Huffington Post has an interesting blog post about how little the government is doing in spite of the fact that MRSA – the drug resistant staff infection that kills thousands every year – is being found in random samples of raw pork, beef and chicken. The biggest culprit seems to be pork.
The CDC acknowledged the presence of MRSA in some meat but does not seem overly concerned because the levels of MRSA are low. That may well be true. I doubt anyone at the CDC would want their kids eating meat that they knew had any level of MRSA in it. I’m not sure I would want to use the “would I let me kid eat it?” standard for a recall. But the CDC tells us that there were 76 million new cases of food related illnesses that were reported – reported – in 2009 causing more than 5,000 deaths. So we need to make sure we are minding the store on food safety because we cannot rely on the food producers to balance the costs and benefits of what is safe to put on our plate.

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