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Who Else Beside Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Hate Drug Companies?

Plaintiffs’ lawyers are men with a hammer who see everything as a nail. They refuse to give drug and medical device companies the benefit of the doubt on anything. Plaintiffs’ lawyers – particularly product liability lawyers – have a positional (and economic bias) that makes it impossible for them to be balanced towards these companies that indisputably make life-saving products.

I don’t think this quote, which I made up, is unfair. The plaintiffs’ lawyers are the haters that will hate. So, for more evidence, we have to look elsewhere to see if others are having bad experiences with drug and medical device companies who put profit above patient safety.
The government drives us nuts, but most people see them as an honest power broker (at least over time). Additionally, the government (both Republican and Democratic administrations at national and local levels) seems to be in a 1984ish endless war with drug companies.
The Wisconsin Supreme Court resolved one of these endless battles that began 8 years ago on Friday when they affirmed a $13.5 million verdict and judgment against Pharmacia Corp. for doing something devious: reporting inflated prices for their drugs to bilk Medicaid into overpaying.

You can get the details from here, on the court’s opinion. But this case proves nothing. You have to read the news regularly and keep track of just how often these companies are engaging in arguably and – sometimes unarguably – criminal activities to increase profit. The government seems to continually call them out on with fines and lawsuits. But they are just going after the stuff they know about. These companies are pretty smart. How much are they blowing by the government?

The reality is that plaintiffs’ lawyers are a small but important piece of the restraint system that keeps these companies even remotely in check.