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Will We Have a Lipitor Class Action Lawsuit?

Five plaintiffs last week sought an MDL for federal lawsuits against Pfizer’s Lipitor.  The allegations are the same in all cases: the cholesterol drug caused them to develop diabetes.

The gist of plaintiffs claims is that the drug increased serum glucose levels causing diabetes.  Pfizer never properly let patients or doctors know of this risk so they could make a different choice, or perhaps avoid this class of drugs altogether. Accordingly, the suits allege that Lipitor is defective and unreasonably dangerous and was sold with a warning that did not properly alert patients and doctors of the risk.

Not for nothing, Pfizer has been making money hand over fist with Pfizer.  If you have help Pfizer stock in the last few years, you have gotten pretty rich in no small part due to Lipitor.

The MDL would create a “sort of” class action where all of the cases would be consolidated in federal court.  The plaintiffs have suggested the case be centralized in South Carolina.

There have been a number of mass tort “the drug caused me diabetes” cases that have failed.  With Lipitor be different?  Let’s see.