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Wyeth v. Levine Links (Preemption)

It’s Friday, so this post will be as discombobulated as I feel.
I came across the Supreme Court of the United States wiki (“SCOTUS Wiki”) today while trying to hunt down a copy of the recent Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) letter to the editor published by Michael D. Green. Green is a torts law professor at the Wake Forest University School of Law in North Carolina.
The SCOTUS Wiki is a terrific concept–it features links to the innumerable documents associated with many Supreme Court cases–check out the wiki on Wyeth v. Levine. I’d love to see some enterprising young techno-lawyer do something similar with the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation–at the very least, shouldn’t the JPML join the 21st century and get their documents on PACER?
At any rate, Green’s JAMA letter to the editor is only available to subscribers, but here’s the link if you have a subscription. But, if you’d like to see his amicus brief from Wyeth v. Levine, head here.