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Yaz Gallbladder Injury Settlements: Houston, There Is a Problem

We have been writing a lot about imminent Yaz settlements. Let’s be honest. We want to gin up traffic for the phase “Yaz settlements” because we want to get as many cases as possible.

But when I say “Yaz settlement” – okay, I’ll stop, I’m annoying even myself – I am talking about Yaz stroke, heart attack, blood clot, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and other similar Yaz injuries. For every one of these types of Yaz leads we have gotten, we have received 10 cases alleging a gallbladder injury.

Bayer is reportedly holding the line on these cases and have no intention of settling the Yaz/Yasmin gallbladder lawsuits that have been filed in the MDL. A new Boston University study concludes that there is no evidence in these data that drospirenone- or levonorgestrel-containing OC use brings an increased risk of gallbladder disease compared to women on birth control without drospirenone- or levonorgestrel. This is hardly game set and match for lawsuits that link gallbladder injury to Yaz/Yasmin, but you can expect this study to strengthen Bayer’s resolve to fight these cases out longer in the MDL.