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YAZ Lawsuits Add Up

Pennsylvania%20Yaz-12-14-09%29.JPGSix more Yasmin and YAZ lawsuits were filed this week against drug manufacturer Bayer in the United States District Court for the Western District Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh Division).

Added to the usual complaints of negligence and strict product liability, the complaints contain allegations of fraud (that Bayer misrepresented product safety, particularly in the media), civil conspiracy and commercial bribery (that Bayer “knowingly and/or intentionally offered, conferred or agreed to confer benefits, gifts, and/or gratuities or conspired to do the same upon physicians, pharmacists, and insurance companies for the purpose of enticing these entities to use the drug YASMIN, and to convince their patients and others of the safety and effectiveness of YASMIN”), and punitive damages.

Bayer maintains that the injuries suffered by the plaintiffs are the same injuries that they were warned about on the packaging. The plaintiffs contend, however, that Yasmin and YAZ increase these risks over and above other contraceptive pills. Complaints filed include the following:

In representations to Plaintiff, her healthcare providers, and/or the FDA, Defendants also fraudulently concealed and intentionally omitted the following material information:

  1. That YASMIN is not as safe as other available contraceptives;
  2. That the risk of adverse events with YASMIN (drospirenone and Ethinyl estradiol) was higher than those of other available contraceptives; [and]
  3. That the risks of adverse events with YASMIN were not adequately tested and/or known by Defendants.

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