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If your sole source of information about drug and medical device companies was the Drug Recall Lawyer Blog, you would have a pretty low opinion of drug and medical device companies. We all agree that drug companies are doing great things and awful things. We just disagree with the balance.

On the very positive side of the ledger sheet for drug companies is Bristol-Myers Squibb’s incredibly exciting news that its new drug Yervoy prolonged survival in advanced skin cancer patients.

Because many skin cancers are extremely minor – my wife was diagnosed with incredibly minor skin cancer last year – skin cancer does not get as bad of a rap as it should. Some skin cancers – particularly, obviously, advanced skin cancers – are tough to combat.

Bristol would have got an even bigger online hug from me if they had actually released the test results. Why not? But let’s not cut it too thin. I take them at their word that Yervoy is testing great. And I don’t mean that in the Mitch McConnell “I take President Obama at his word that he is a Christian” sense of the phrase.